What to Write in Chapters of a Research Paper

Chapters of a Research Paper
Normally every research paper consists of five chapters. Writing a research paper requires making an outline regarding research work. Each outline contains the name of the chapter and their subsections such as introduction, literature review, methodology, Results, conclusion and recommendations. The first and most important chapter is introduced after selection of topic. This chapter requires introducing the topic to the reader. Overall, the background of topic discussed in this chapter. Moreover, this chapter is divided into sub-sections such as writing the significance of study that includes how the particular study contribute to knowledge and help researcher and people in the future.

Introduction chapter will summarize and review the research work. In addition, the problem statement, rational of study must also write in a subsection of the chapter. The most important thing is to write the purpose or objective of the research paper after introducing the background of the topic. You can also hire Phd dissertation writing services to present a good kind of chapter. The next chapter consists of a literature review. This chapter is very important as it shows what past, researchers have discovered. It normally remains quite long because it depended upon the number of publications or research done in the past regarding the topic under study.

Literature review includes the material or data of topic under study through reading past articles and research papers. This chapter requires the study of past research worked with different authors and their results and findings must be written here in order to find the gap of research work. This chapter of research paper will include the research questions. The research methodology is the chapter where students have to write about the selected methods to be used in the study. This chapter will discuss the hypothesis, procedure to collect data such survey, questionnaire, interview, etc. Information regarding models and tests used must be discussed.

Software detail if used. Procedure and time period of study will provide the information about time period required for a research paper and procedure to be followed to complete research work. Sampling and population, validity and reliability of data, instrumentation, assumptions, scope and limitation must also discuss in detail. All research work has limitations regarding budget, time and the response of people when data is collected, those limitations should discuss in this chapter.

Chapter of result in research paper will include the discussion of results. In this chapter, data will be analyzed through different application models and tests. The results and answers of hypothesis and research question must be stated here. This chapter will not conclude anything about the topic, but only discuss the results based on data analysis and application of methodology. In the last chapter of research paper, summarize the whole findings in a few paragraphs. Moreover, this chapter will also recommend future researcher about the future work that can be done. In his chapter researcher must present recommendation based on their findings. The recommendation should not base on your own opinion and beliefs. This chapter will conclude the whole research work and state whether findings have supported existing theories.

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