What is a Reflective Essay?

What is a Reflective Essay
There are many writers who are new in the field of writing and they are not aware of how to write it. This article will guide you and give you an idea what the reflective essay is. A reflective essay is basically a type of an essay in which the writer will be able to examine the experience of his/her life. The writer will after words write or share some of their experiences like how they have developed and learned several things and have changed the way of writing. The format of reflective essay changes by considering who the audiences.

Let me discuss this with the help of an example like writing a reflective essay for a college student or academic writing in which the audience is only one and writing a reflective essay for a magazine in which you have a lot of audiences to tackle. So in that manner, the essay should be written in a way and change according to the audience desire and preference.
  • In the reflective essay, the author will read, analyze and draw conclusions about what the writer has read, heard or seen.
  • Making a direct connection between the text, and reader.
  • Think about what the author has learned and how the way he has learned and how that information will be useful in the future.
  • By using his/her point of view writing the subjectivity and identify the different areas for further readings. This is the point where most of students get stuck and buy essay online from suitable writers.

Structure of a Reflective Essay
Introduction: By giving a short preview the author will grab the attention of a reader of what you will be writing about in your essay. In the reflective essay, you will always see an introduction and the writer has to give a short introduction in the beginning related to the topic. In the introduction, the speaker will share different things either directly or indirectly. The academic writers have to be direct in its explanation and must share their academic experience or must give some highlights in which the writer is going to talk about in the body of an essay.

Body of the Essay: In the body of the article, the writer will discuss the topic in detail and also share what they have learned about that specific thing. The writer will explain what the cause of the change was. For example, many of the writers have asked that how they have improved in their writing profession and which phased was more interesting and how they have improved. The experience also includes that how the lessons and assignments have made them stronger in writing and brought perfection in their writing as well.

Conclusion: In the conclusion, the author wraps up the essay by giving its ideas and opinions. Most of writers also get essay assignment examples to get idea. The writer also put a little light on the future and plans for future and its views about the topic. In the conclusion of a reflective essay, the writer will sum up that how the writer has changed and what were the effects of those changes in their writing and profession. The writer will highlight how he/she thinks about this experience.

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