How to Write Short Fiction

How to Write Short Fiction
Short fiction is all about a very short piece of prose revolving around a single theme and setting. The short story is always based on characters, setting, theme, comics, conflicts and conclusions. It is a very amazing task for students to write a short fiction. It could be about anything from your life or from someone else’s life. You can write a story about any incident, event or memory of your life or from others person’s life. Stories are always written in past tense because you are taking something that has already passed. Your stories could be of different types like horror, short fiction, with a happy ending, with the mysterious or tragic ending.

To write a short story you need to work on certain points like introduction, plot, conclusion, ending by hiring cheap essay writing services. In the plot there are some other things that are supposed to be focused by the writer whilst writing a short fiction. Like the rising action of the plot, conflict, falling action and exposition.Your story should revolve around your protagonist and the aim of the protagonist. You are also supposed to write about the moral or ethical significant actions that your protagonist has taken for the achievement of his/her goal for the welfare of his/her people and society. You can add certain emotions and feelings in your story like emotional and unexpected events.

Try to add certain details about the setting of the place, time and season. The dialogue and tone of the characters should be clear and simple that your reader could understand easily.For instance, if your story is based on travel scenes, then you are supposed to write each and everything related to your characters’ travel in detail.You need to write the advantage and disadvantage of travel on the character whilst travelling and so on. Utilize your innovative writing skills to write your short fiction. Write in a way that your reader at least root one of your characters. Every character of your story should want something in your story. All the sentences are supposed to have a supportive, logical argument in it with complete supporting details. Try to add up less detail and try to shorten your short fiction, but your piece of short fiction should be very creative and interesting.

So that your reader should love it and love to read it times and again. There should be at least one moral lesson for getting assignments written in your short fiction for the reader that could help them in their life at least once. As people are more concerned about the moral stories. They want something new and innovative in their reading stuff. So you need to be very anxious about the choice of your readers. Try to add the themes about tragic, traditional, cultural, social, and mysterious things in your short fiction. These things attract readers’ attention. It is not compulsory that you should write all the ends of your story with a happy ending. Most of the stories are based on positive ending, it’s good, but you can bring a change in your story to teach the best lesson to your readers about life to give a sad ending to your story.

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