How Has Technology Changed Academia And Academic Life During Past Decade?

If we apply the scientific knowledge for practical purposes, then this thing is known as the technology. This is an era of technology and science. Different advancements in the field of the technology and science have completely changed our lifestyle. We see a lot of advancements either we are in the academic field or any other field. If you are not able to get an idea about the charms of the technological advancements in your academic life, then you can get help from the dissertation writing services. During the past decade, different advancements in the technological field have completely changed the concept of the education. Here, we will discuss the influences of the technological advancements in the academic life. 

1) Provides a global platform: 

If we take a review of the academic system of a few years later before the last decade, then we come to know that there were many restrictions on the borders and continents to it. On the other hand, during the past decade, a lot of advancements have taken place in the field of the technology that has ended the restrictions of the borders and constituents. There are several institutions that are providing a lot of online courses and these online courses are easily in the access of all the students across the globe. With the help of the Skype, the students and teachers can easily discuss the different matters regarding the education.

2) Efficient assessment:

If we take a review of the assessment system in the past, then we come to know that it was a time-taking task and the students have to wait for the several months to get the results of their exams. Nowadays, this system is totally changed. By introducing the digital assessment system, the students can easily take the online tests and get the instant results to their tests. Another importance of the E-assessment is that it is flexible as well as impartial.

3) Improved student-teacher interaction: 

Nowadays, the students and teachers are using some technological aids in order to improve their interaction level. The teachers try to constantly interact with their students with the help of sending e-mails to them. There are a lot of students who have made some educational groups for their students on the different social media sites and they try to interact with their students with the help of these social media groups.

4) E-books:

If a student is asked to write down any kind of the academic paper, then he/she will have to conduct an effective research. The best resource to gather the data for your academic paper is to read out the different library books. Sometimes, there is a possibility that you are not able to find out some important books in the college or university library. Under such a situation, you can find out these books in the different digital libraries in the form of the E-books. The best place to find out these E-books is the Google Library Project.

Along with these things, the students can also learn a lot with the help of playing some educational games and by using the multimedia presentations.

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