Lack Of Job Satisfaction Causes Depression More Often

Lack Of Job Satisfaction
If a person has some negative feelings about the nature of a job or the work environment, this is known as a lack of job satisfaction. There are many factors which can become a cause of lack of job satisfaction. Some of them are not being paid, limited career growth, lack of interest in the job, management issues, lower opportunities for growth and unsupportive boss. There are various causes of a lack of job satisfaction and one of them is depression. Here, experts of PhD dissertation writing service will discuss how lack of job satisfaction can causes depression more often.
  • The first cause of depression due to the lack of job satisfaction is the wrong fit. Its reason is that some employees think that this job is not according to their standard and they begin to feel trapped and depressed.
  • The second cause of depression due to the lack of job satisfaction is feeling trapped. Sometimes, after joining a company, a person feels that he doesn’t like this kind of job. Moreover, it is also impossible for him/her to leave this because he has to support his family.
  • It is the desire of almost all the parents to spend plenty of their time with their children. Sometimes, the timing of a person’s job is such that he is not able to pay enough time to his family. Due to working parent guilt, a person is unsatisfied with the job and this thing becomes a cause of depression for him.
  • We can observe some people around us who have to support big families. If they are doing a job and they are not able to get enough pay from this job which is necessary to support their families, they are also unsatisfied with their job and they always feel depression on their mind.
  • There are some companies which have some unreasonable demands. They force their employees to give more and more over time. Due to this reason, the personal lives of these employees are disturbed and they are unsatisfied with their jobs. These unreasonable demands of the companies can also become a cause depression for them.
  • Another way of lack of job satisfaction is bullying. Mostly, at the workplace bullying is done by the managers and other authorities. Therefore, the workers are not able to complain against them. This thing can also become a cause of depression.
  • There are also some employees who work hard but their hard work is ignored by the managers and employers. This can become a cause of low morale and this low morale leads towards depression.
  • There are some also some companies which don’t pay their employees within due time. As a result, the employees face a lot of problems to fulfil their daily needs. This is known as underpaid and this underpaid also becomes a cause of depression for the employees.

The employers can easily prevent depression from their workplace by recognizing the causes of depression, by providing some financial support to their employees, and by discussing problems with them.

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