Steps to Consider for Writing a PhD Thesis

Writing a PhD Thesis
PhD studies are actually to conducting a research with exploring new phenomenon or describing the existing one with new facts. An individual who has studied all steps before enrolling in doctoral studies have been through in research process during masters’ education. But PhD requires something more than a masters’ level research. Everyone knows that it is not an easy task but every student starts it with full of enthusiasm but most of the time it becomes despair. This process starts with courage of research planning, conducting, writing and presenting its results for the concerned audience. Conducting research process in steps comes out in better results. These are some problems those are commonly faced by research students to create obstacles on the way of research;
  1. Fear or Laziness: Most of the students take more time to start this important project of their education because of fear or laziness. When a start is delayed then the process will take more time than planned.
  2. Lack of Skills: The fear of research process is not without any reason but the lack of skills required conducting research. Major skills include finding relevant stuff to study for developing understanding about the topic. That helps to explore the untouched point of phenomenon to come up with unbiased results.
Step 1: Research Proposal: This is the first step to write a dissertation for your PhD where student has to give a research proposal to the assigned supervisor. Here, student has to choose a topic or area of research for dissertation then justify why it is important to study this area. This is a kind of short dissertation paper that includes an introduction of chosen topic. Significance of the topic or chosen factors for studying the particular area is also part of this paper. Research methodology and expected results are also required to be included in this section. This paper is presented to the supervisor or supervisory committee. Student will justify his selected research area that how is it important and will contribute in the relevant field. He/she will explain what methods would be chosen to conduct study and why it is selected. This is the supervisory committee who has to give approval to pursue the further process of dissertation. Research proposal writing helps to those too who are not required to write for submitting in their institute. It plays a role of well-planned path for research.

Step 2: Conduct Research: When you have a plan to go ahead then take the next step and conduct your research. You have chosen a field of study and research methodology in previous step of the process so this is the time to execute that planning. Here you need a time frame within that you have to complete this process so study can be finished within the available time. You have to make sure that you have fully understood the research topic after reading available relevant literature. Limitations of previous researches must be taken under consideration to find any opportunity in them or to prevent your path from an unwanted obstacle. If you have found the methodology, population and sampling category but you may get confuse that where to choose the sample from population to cater with almost of the limitations. Organize available resources to come up with unbiased results. Data must be collected from the chosen sample published by dissertation writing service providers with consideration of all headings to include in the results.

Step 3: Analyse Data: It depends on your research category that what you have chosen it can be quantitative or qualitative. Quantitative research includes numerical or statistical data that is analysed by using computational techniques. Common knowledge about qualitative research is that it ends up with the discussions of answers of questions by interviewee or results of observation. But it can be more precise by defining quantitative scales for measuring qualitative results of an interview or observation. Data analyses technique must be approved by theorist for your field of study so it can give the expected results. Miss fit of data analysis technique with your field of study results in waste of your all efforts for conducting research. Techniques are defined by previous researchers who have developed research theories that can be defined by studying those theories carefully. So be careful about choosing data analysis techniques and data entry process to get the required results.

Step 4: Write Dissertation: After successful completion of first two steps of research this is the time to write up the final draft of dissertation. First you need to make an outline of things those you have to include in your writing. This content list is given by your institute so take it into account while making outline. First thing to add in is a brief introduction of selected topic that includes definition of topic and overview of complete dissertation. Then there is literature review that is the review of relevant previous researches. Literature review should not be aimed to prove your expected results but a clear picture of previous researches results either positive or negative or opposite to your findings. After literature review there is the methodology that you adopted to conduct study.

This is the description of chosen methodology that what it is, why it is chosen and what methods it includes. When you are done with methodology section you have to include the results of data analyses done by using statistical tools. This section must have facts and figures found in the results of your study. Finally there is discussion and conclusion section of the dissertation. Discussion is a comparison of your research results and previous studies and how it differs and what are the reason behind this difference. Conclusion is interpretation of statistical data and the implications of finding of research. Sometimes a limitation section is also included that tells how your study cannot find the 100% results of or what further researches can do. Final Process is the presentation of your written dissertation to the supervisory committee although you have been consulting with them during the whole process.

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