How Does Personalized Learning Work for Students

Personalized Learning
Personalized learning means that teachers help find students their individual needs, strengths and interests and then plan activities and projects in a way that these needs are focused and their interests are taken care of. In personalized learning, a bond between student and teacher develops and this bond is a good and comfortable learning space for the student and for the teacher to understand what the student needs and so the teacher can work accordingly. In this fast growing learning system, the teacher focuses on helping the student find what his interests are and target the thing that he shows interest in. personalized learning is a great approach as in personalized learning, focused learning takes place eliminating the things that are either unimportant or the student does not show interest in them. The most highlighted thing in personalize learning is the bond between the student and the teacher which can’t be neglected.

Personalized learning is unlike the learning system where the activities are planned for the entire class and one teacher makes 25 plus students in an average to do the same stuff. Personalized learning believes that every student is an individual person and they have separate interests. It is a break-through in traditional teaching style that suggested that a teacher is sort of in authority of what the student learns, whereas in personalized learning the student takes the lead and tells the teacher what he needs to learn. It is more sensible this way as every individual has different needs, different capabilities and different interests. You do not have to train an army of robots that talk the same way as each other and have the same approach as each other. So personalized learning is promoting learning through the idea of focusing on the student’s interest.

Personalized learning system is being spread amongst regular public schools as well as K12 schools. Currently it is being made sure that schools have capacity to incorporate personalized learning system and that they are ready to embrace the system. Of course moving to a new system of education takes massive work and trainings of the staff and teachers have always been trained in a certain way. This new work system will require immense work and practice, after school trainings of the teaching staff, new equipments and even a whole new curriculum. It requires a system where teachers are working as designers designing system according to the needs of the learner. Personalized learning has three main characteristics and it works on these three things as its backbone:
  1. Student teacher bond is the main thing
  2. Learning anywhere anytime
  3. Making students ready for future and career

Apart from the regular lessons and academics, the students must also learn flexibility, problem solving, decision making and they need to be prepared for their future in college and in career. They need apart from the courses, a training in the field they are interested in and to learn several other things especially the distance learning students who are learning far away from physical classrooms and school spaces.

Student Teacher Bonding is the Main Thing:
Making student capable of anything they want to learn is the main objective of personalized learning. Now through this system, the students no longer have to stick to the traditional way of education where one plan suits all and where everyone is assessed based on the same skill set. Not everyone is good at writing and not everyone is street smart. Not every student is gifted with the same mathematics skills and not everyone knows public speaking so well. Each one of the students has their own goals and interests and personalized learning motivates them and encourages them to be able to be specific about what they want from their teachers to teach you. The teacher measuring very individual student based on individual capabilities help the student in learning that specific skills. This takes weeks of training and continuous supervision as the system is new. This system is well received in K12 schools and is now becoming popular amongst traditional schools and a lot of schools are training their staff according to this new system.

Learning Anywhere Anytime:
The learning designed by personalized learning system is focused on learning anytime anywhere. During the regular hours of school, the lessons are divided in several places. Study happens in several spaces and in different settings. Some sessions happen in the class, some with peers, community members and through digital content etc. the learning does not take place like traditional class in a traditional setting. Students and teachers both work together to set up flexible and functional learning spaces for the students. The students need dual way learning where they need to study the basic lessons on every day basis like any other school and then students get to decide what they want to learn and study and the teacher through a functional setting help the student by planning the right kinds of practical’s and studies and interactions etc to help them develop other important skills.

Making Students Ready for Future Career:
Teachers align their lesson plans and their curriculum in such a way to make students career and future ready. To enable them to be able to start college and a successful career without the hesitation and take a step forward in their professional life and successful every step of the way. The whole point of personalized learning is to enhance the skills and help them develop in the student so that he does not fear the future in fact he feels prepared for that and is ready to embrace his professional and practical life. Students learn through real life experience training classes and real life take on persuasive speaking, collaborative work, and independent projects and so on. The personalized learning is a targeted learning where student decides what he wants to learn and the skills he wants enhanced so that the teacher focuses on that.

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