Easiest Ways to Lessen Cost of Study and Living in UK

Ways to Lessen Cost of Study
Many students dream of getting higher education from world most prestigious universities in the world, but money becomes the main hurdle. All world standard universities are inexpensive cities, making it quite difficult to pay tuition fees and living expenses from a single source of earning. But nothing is impossible in this amazing world. There are many ways and alternatives to manage and lessen the cost of study and living in UK. There are many choices for places to live varying in cost. When you join any UK university they issue a student ID card know as NUS card. This card will get you variety of discounts from many national stores. If you have no catering services either you live in your own flat or residence hall you need to spend minimal amount on food by purchasing it from less expensive stores like Asda and Tesco rather than purchasing it from costly supermarkets like Sainsburys or Marks and Spencer.

Students are offered many discounts on travel and transport, for instance, Oyster card and Rail card. It gives you up to 30 percent discount on travel. Railcards offer up to 40 percent discount. There are many shops, cafeterias, galleries, exhibitions, events and locations which give special discounts to students. Similarly, International Student card also gives many concessions. In UK many brands and firms like dissertation writing services offer free vouchers and discounts on online shopping. Discounts on fast food stores are very common. Sales and discounts on special occasions, events, and holidays are very beneficial. Almost all brands and companies offer a discount of 70 percent before Christmas. So remain patient and waiting to buy when deals and discounts offers will be very beneficial. Another possible way is keeping track of your expenses.

It will require your extra efforts for details and discipline, but will help to manage your expenses and savings. Don’t take out extra money when you are withdrawing from ATM or through Cheque. Only withdraw that amount which you actually need. When you have some extra money in your pocket you will definitely spend it uselessly. Alternatively, you can take a part time job to help you in spending with ease. Information about jobs and vacancies for students is always available at student unions, career service providers and on online websites. At beginning, you will find it difficult to manage but when you get used to it and start getting fruits from it you will definitely going to enjoy it. Always take a bus, cycle or walk for university or library.

Most of the costly things in the UK are food. Avoid fast food and junk food as they are not only harmful to your health but will cause double burden on your pocket. So you should reduce the amount you spent on snacks and eating out. This does not mean that you may stop eating, but eating healthy. While living in the UK you will also hear about veiled or unpredicted expenses. It can be licenses or fines. You have to avoid them to reduce additional cost on your pocket. For instance, you can be charged 15 GBP if you travel on transport without credit on your Oyster card, or forget to return books to the library on time.

If you are not availing university accommodations, then try to find a place to live near the university to reduce your travel cost and expense. Don’t search for luxury accommodations. The higher the level of comfort, the more the cost will be. Consider a homestay, where you can live with a family. It usually includes one or two meals per day. This will reduce your food cost. It is not necessary to make weekend excursions. They only burden you. Weekend excursions are only good once in a month or two, when you have some very extra savings.

Always buy used equipment to lessen our expenses. Instead of visiting expensive malls prefer to visit second hand shops. You don’t have to use them for whole life if you are there just for studies. And if you plan to make career here too, then when you get the job you will be able to afford the new ones. Instead of eating outside or buying food from outside you should prefer to make your own lunch and dinners. It is not only healthier but also cheaper than. There are options of hopper fare as well which let you get onto as many buses as you like within an hour and only pay for one bus ride. There are many ways available to make your living easy. You just have to choose wisely and accurately.

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