Disadvantages of UK Education System You Should Know

UK Education System
Studying in the top-ranking universities of the UK is the dream of every student. The education system of the UK is renowned worldwide and is globally accepted due to its high-quality education standards. The United Kingdom is a top in numerous fields of education including science, designing, art, management, business, and law. The United Kingdom offers an incredibly famous educational framework with high capabilities that can make a truly extraordinary future for the students. It has more than fifty-five thousand international students every year in different courses from essential to PhD levels. According to experts of assignment writing services, the UK education offers students get enrolled in courses and subjects from different fields of study, so student can get a degree according to their advantage.

Expert degree courses in the United Kingdom proceed after the fruitful completion of four-year college education, for the most part for only one year contrasted with two-year Master's Programs. But this is only one side of the picture. Every education system, whether good or bad has both advantages and disadvantages. When you are searching for admission to the universities of the UK, you will found many advantages of studying in the UK and the UK education system on different websites and blogs. But you will hardly found any website that will properly mention the disadvantages that you can face along with the advantages. Before choosing the UK for higher studies you must the following disadvantages of the UK education system.

High Cost of Living:

Although in the UK there is no tuition fee in public universities the cost of living in the UK is comparatively very high. There are many reasons for the high cost of living in the UK. The population of the UK is rising which has caused the shortage of supply due to an increase in the number of households. More people are living alone.

Verification of Degree or Course:

You need to check degree finished in the UK is confirmed in your home country. Courses that are substantial in the UK country need to check whether they are acceptable in your home country or whatever country you need to settle.

Limited Number of Courses for Undergraduate Program:

The UK education system and UK Universities are offering many diverse courses for Masters and PhD programs, but for Bachelor’s degrees, they are very limited courses. You might have a variety of courses in an undergraduate degree in your hometown, but when you are going to apply for admission in the UK, you might find out that they are no Master Programs in the course that you have studied in your Bachelors at your home country. You can choose Master's degree courses corresponding to your four-year college education you have no choice to pick an alternate course than a particular degree course.

One Year Master Programs Are Tough:

The UK is the first country where universities are offering one-year Master’s programs. This might seem very appealing to those students who want a professional degree in less time. But the learning material and content that students are going to cover is based on the time duration of one year. This means that material that is taught in two years is now going to be covered in one year, so students of one year Master's degree program have to learn more in less time. This can become tough for many students as they have to learn more information in less time.


The UK has international students from all over the world. If it is extremely distant from your parent country then in the circumstance of crisis it could be troublesome once in a while to fly quickly and arrive at your home and meet your relatives and companions is quite a while taking.

Less Time for Social Interaction:

If we compare the other courses with the Master's degree programs in the UK social cooperation turns out to be extremely less as time is low and study needs more autonomy in the Master's Degree program. As the study is mostly independent and time is less for finishing the education so the endeavors required are more as compared to the similar courses offered in other countries.


A large portion of the space of the accommodation is held for the four-year degree program students so it will be extreme for the Master's degree program students to track down the appropriate and agreeable accommodation for them.

The Bottom Line:

From all the disadvantages discussed here, we can conclude that studying in the UK is suitable for only those individuals who need to foster their insight from the top-notch of education and highest level colleges. So before taking admission in any university of the UK, you must keep these disadvantages in your mind and check whether you can deal with them or not.

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